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About Xcerra Corporation

Enabling our customers to win with affordable and reliable products

Our mission is to create and deliver the most innovative and cost effective handling, contacting and measurements solutions to the electronics industry, enabling our customers to win with affordable and reliable products that continuously improve people‘s lives.

Xcerra Corporation is the parent company of four powerful brands that have been supplying innovative products and services to the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry for more than 30 years. Xcerra’s four brands are atg-Luther & Maelzer, Everett Charles Technologies, LTX-Credence, and Multitest.

Xcerra Corporation was formed in 2014 following the LTX-Credence acquisition of Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) and Multitest from Dover Corporation in December of 2013. The strategic vision of the LTX-Credence management team in making these acquisitions was to build a company with a greater share of the semiconductor test cell market. Acquiring these assets allowed the Company to achieve this goal,as well as expand into additional vertical markets related to printed circuit board test and test fixtures. A key component of the long term growth strategy for Xcerra is to offer differentiated semiconductor test products and services that include providing customers a fully integrated test cell solution directly to their production floor. This strategy allows customers to procure key components of the test cell such as the tester, handler, contactors and interface boards, from a single supplier and to take delivery of a turnkey solution directly into their high volume manufacturing environment. This strategy reduces risk for the customer associated with doing the test cell integration themselves and has the added benefit of accelerating their ability to get new products to market faster. 

Even as the Company offers new products and services for an entire test cell solution, each brand is still chartered with developing best-in-class products for the markets they serve. Customers have the flexibility to purchase one of Xcerra’s products, or an entire test cell solution.  Either way, our customers receive the same level of attention and support from Xcerra.

While the semiconductor capital equipment market is the largest driver of Xcerra’s business, the acquisition of Everett Charles Technologies expanded the Company into vertical markets associated with PCB testing. Within ECT there is another business, atg- Luther & Maelzer. atg-LM has been in business for more than 30 years providing test systems for bare board PCB test.

After a printed circuited board has been manufactured, atg-LM testers are used to verify point to point continuity. There are two different types of test technology applied to bare board PCB testing, universal grid and flying probe. atg-LM has a leadership position in the flying probe tester market.

ECT also provides fixture design, development and fabrication services for the in-circuit and functional test of assembled PCBs. ECT provides these services on a global basis and is the market leader. ECT also markets a wide range of pins and compliant connectors used in many different types of test applications but also in market segments completely outside of test.

Measured by the Customer’s Success

As a new company, Xcerra Corporation offers a broad range of products and services to the semiconductor and printed circuit board test markets. It has a global service and support network designed to be highly responsive to customer needs regardless of location or time. Our primary goal as a Company is simply to help our customers succeed. We accomplish that goal by developing innovative products and services and delivering them through our global sales and support network second to none.